Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tag... you're it!

It has been a very long time since I have played tag with others the same age. Today I was "tagged" by a fellow "plurker". The "tag" was actually a challenge. The challenge... to blog about "The Seven Things That You Did Not Know About Me". The person who tagged me had no way of knowing what she started...

I have been blogging for a few years now. I have a class blog, a trainer blog, a family blog, and even a blog for my Brownie troop. Trouble is, I have never had a blog where I could just BLOG. By that, I mean I have never taken the opportunity to just write what I am thinking. To be honest, I have been avoiding it. My PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network) is chock full of excellent bloggers. Some of these folks really amaze me. Their writing is Witty, timely and eloquent. All of my life I have been plagued by run on sentences, the over use of the .... and REALLY bad spelling. I have never been really proud of my writing and often second guess myself. In times when I really had to write an essay I have agonized over the task. Writing and rewriting over and over again. In this time of resolutions I have decided to give it a try. I promise not to edit over and over again. If it is OK with the reader, I will use the spell check though.

So... The Seven Things That You Don't Know About Me...

1) I guess that I have just given you number one. I am a hesitant writer. Being a science teacher I have not had to focus on the art of writing. Things in the world of science are very "bulleted" for lack of a better phrase.

2) The last time I DID play tag with others the same age was in college. I was one of those crazy people who joined in on the "Tag Game" craze of the 80's. I had a "hit profile" and had to "hunt down" someone in the college community. The goal of the game was to "tag" the person with a water or rubber dart gun before you were tagged yourself by the person hunting you. Once you tagged your "victum" you gained thier "target" and worked your way up the list until there were only two of you left. It was great fun. I was still playing with about 10 other people when the college administration shut us down. Since my dad was one of the deans, I felt it was in my best interest to comply...

3) I HATE to clean my house. Probably do not do it enough.

4) I met my husband John at an italian restaurant in Jersey City, NJ. Two friends of mine had gotten jobs there and suggested that I do as well. I went in and asked for a job as a pizza delivery person. They guy doing the hiring said that I should be a "phone girl" because it was not safe for a "girl" to deliver pizza at night in Jersey City. I insisted that I could do it and ended up doing it VERY WELL. That guy... the one who hired me... is now my husband of almost 15 years.

5) There are days when I would rather stay on my couch all day then do ANYTHING else...

6) My shoe size has changed three times in the past 10 years. Each time I had a child my RIGHT foot got 1/2 size bigger!

7) Speaking of shoes... I wore white Chuck Conners with thick green socks under my gown to my wedding!

OK... I did it... kmulford, you have probably created a monster... there have been many times in the past few months when I have meant to start a blog for just me. Now that I have, you may be sorry that I did :)

I am suppossed to "Tag" more people now... I have to do some research to see who hasn't been tagged to death. Check back soon for my "tag list"


  1. OK, now that I have recovered from the hysteria of the greens socks under the wedding gown -- can I just say that you are *precisely* the kind of writer that I need to read more of... ?

    (Oh, and forget that thing about overusing the ... Who, after all, can truly accurately punctuate a thought.. without using an ellipse or two... or three?)

    I am so glad to have a way to read more of your "lengthier" thoughts now -- after a month or more of getting 140 characters or less!

  2. Thanks Kym (is that ok?) I will try to keep it up!

  3. Thank you for sharing some funny stories about yourself. I also need to thank you for introducing me to Plurk and sharing your friends with me.

  4. Don't kid yourself, scientists are some of the best writers around. I learned more about writing when I worked for a pharmaceutical company, than I ever did in school.